We care about your privacy that is why

your personal data is stored and secured as specified by law,

your conversation is confidential and secured.

Privacy Policy:

1. Personal data submitted by User are processed by the Service Provider, who is the administrator of said data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

2. Submitted personal data is stored and secured as specified by law, under the Personal Data Protection Act, Act on Rendering Electronic Services, the Regulation by the Minister of Domestic Affairs and Administration on records of personal data processing and technical and organisational conditions of the devices and IT systems used to process personal data (Journal of Laws, Dz. U. No 100, item 1024).

3. To ensure proper functioning of the service, the Service Provider uses Internet cookies – small pieces of data, consisting of web address, upload and expiry date, unique values and additional data, as required by a given file.

4. User may disable cookies on their device, as instructed by their browser, however by doing so they may render some or all features of the website unavailable.

5. User's identity cannot be established based on cookies.

6. Files generated by the platform shall not be read by other service providers. Third-party cookies may be read by a third-party server.

7. The platform uses cookies to:

a) maintain the session state (own files),
b) adjust the web content to the User's preferences (own files),
c) ensure data security (own files),
d) generate anonymous statistics to optimise the service's performance (external files),
e) connect the service with other third-party services the User uses (external files),
f) display advertisements in accordance with the User's preferences, and limit the display of said advertisements (external files).

8. The Service Provider uses two basic types of cookies:

a) session cookies – cleared after the User's session terminates,
b) persistent cookies – stored for longer time periods.
The User may clear cookies stored on their device at any given time, as

Terms Of Use:

1. General Provisions

1. The terms listed below shall have the following meanings, when used herein:

User – any person who gained access to the Application, agreed to process their personal data and activity data in the DeepDoc Application, as well as Instagram activity data, and logged into the application via their Instagram account.

Instagram Account– public and personal account created in the Instagram application.

Organiser– Future Health Sp. z o. o., Al. Jerozolimskie 85 m. 21, 02-001 Warsaw, KRS number: 0000663703, VAT identification number (NIP): 701 06 66 796.

Application– website, together with the DeepDoc Messenger Chatbot, and the algorithm analysing Instagram photos.

Service– mood diagnosis performed by the Machine Learning Algorithm, and sending psychoeducational content as well as other content, helping the User to overcome their mood disorders via the Chatbot.

Rules and Regulations– these Rules and Regulations.

Parties– User or their statutory representative and the Organiser.

Machine Learning Algorithm– algorithm that adjusts content sent to User via the Chatbot by analysing their Instagram account content, and assesses the risk of mood swings or mood deterioration in time.

Chatbot– computer program running in the Messenger application which sends psychoeducational content etc. to User.

Contract – contract between User and Organiser, entered into by paying for the Service and accepting these Rules and Regulations.

Payment – payment for the Service.

Business Information – data used directly and indirectly to promote goods, services, or the entrepreneur's image, excluding any data enabling the communication by means of electronic communication with a given person, and data on goods and services not aimed at reaching the business goal sought after by the entity assigning their disclosure, especially without remuneration or other benefits from producers, sellers, and service providers.

2. Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties

1. Organiser shall analyse the data gathered to perform the Service, as well as for all the intents and purposes User has agreed to.
2. Organiser reserves the right to:
a) temporary discontinue the Application due to technical issues,
b) send Users legal and technical information on the Application's functioning via e-mail, especially regarding any changes made to Rules and Regulations.
c) modify the Application without prior notice,
d) send Users Business Information on the Service via e-mail.
3. Organiser reserves the right to discontinue the Service with at least a 24-hour notice.
4. Organiser reserves the right to delegate the production and development of the Application to a third party, therefore disclosing collected data to said party for analysis.
5. Organiser shall not be held liable for any injury or harm caused to User. Organiser recommends consulting a professional at all times.
6. User shall have a public Instagram Account, log into the Application with said Instagram Account, and fill psychometric tests provided by Organiser.
7. User shall issue the Payment to use the Service.
8. Organiser reserves the right to use the data gathered by the Application for scientific and research purposes only, especially for the development of the Machine Learning Algorithm.
9. Organiser shall ensure any and all personal data gathered shall be held confidential, except for the cases described in 4. and 8.

3. Methods of Data Gathering and Processing

1. Organiser shall be the administrator of User's personal data. By executing the Contract, User agrees their personal and medical data be processed by Organiser to render the Service.
2. Personal data shall be processed as specified by law, especially under the Act of 18 July 2002 on Rendering Electronic Services (Journal of Laws, Dz. U. of 2013, item 1422, with amendments) and the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws, Dz. U. of 2015, item 2135, with amendments).
3. User might oppose the processing of their personal data via e-mail at

4. Technical Requirements

1. The Application requires the following:
a) computer or a mobile device with access to the Internet,
b) web browser,
c) Facebook Messenger application,
e) active e-mail box.

5. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Features of the Application

1. The Application does not provide medical or therapeutic diagnosis. Organiser recommends consulting a medical specialist at all times.
2. Any and all information sent to User is based on scientific research, and used in treating mood disorders.
3. Organiser shall use best efforts and act in good faith to render the Application as accurate and efficient as possible in diagnosing and treating mood disorders.

6. Final Provisions

1. The Application includes content protected under copyright, industrial property right, as well as intangible property protected under intellectual property rights. Neither of the above shall be reproduced in part or whole in any form or way without consent, especially text, photos, programs, graphics, trademarks, icons, logotypes, etc. User shall use the Application solely for approved self development.
2. Any matter not stipulated herein shall be subject to the universally binding law.
3. Rules and Regulations shall come into force from 13 March 2017.